With our videos and this software, we have the ability to coach you in person or online to stop your pain. When you sign up as a client, we will put the videos in your account first that will help you immediately with your pain.Over time we will add more videos until you get all of them. The goal is not to overwhelm you. If you a online client, you are free to contact us by phone or email to answer questions and make sure you understand how to do the stretches. These are different from you will do in a gym or physical therapy. I know they work because these stretches helped me stop severe back pain 16 years ago. I have been pain freefor 15 years. I still do them every day and will continue for the rest of my life.

Our videos are available for a monthly fee.If you purchase a 5 pack of sessions, 10 pack of sessions, or a membership to our office the videos are included in the package.  We will give you the discount code when you purchase one these packages. Our goal is to help you, either online or in-person to resolve yor pain. We are available for telephone, text, or email conversations about helping you stop your pain.

Monthly fee : $35.00

5 Pack of Sessions- $440- includes 5 one hour hands on sessions plus the videos.

10 Pack of Sessions- $825- includes 10 one hour sessions plus the videos.

Monthly re-curring membership- $150-  includes 2 one hour sessions per month and the videos.