Our clients come to us as a last resort. Most of our clients have tried doctors, surgeons, PT, and Trainers to solve their pain. Many have use braces, different gadgets, and elastic braces to stop their pain. Unfortunately, these rarely are successful for the long term. Chronic pain stops you from doing the activities you love. We have helped people from 5 years old to 98 years old stop their chronic pains and injuries. We specialize in back pain, hip pain, foot pain, neck and shoulder pain, and wrist pain. We have been very successful resolving issues like Plantar Fasciitis, Carpal Tunnel, and Fibromyalgia in days and weeks, not months and years.   If you are ready to stop your pain and willing to do the homework, we can teach you techniques that you can do for a lifetime to a more pain free life.

Below are some key things to remember about stretching:

Never hold a stretch for more than 3-5 seconds.

Never use a stretchy band to stretch

Only stretch one muscle at a time

Learn how to use your brain to release the muscle and never use increased pressure!

 It is not the pressure that matters, but the release from your brain that alBy

  Following these guidelines and the videos, most chronic pain or injuries can be stopped without expensive drugs, braces,surgeries, or treatments that you can duplicate at home.

15 years of experience

About Butch Phelps, LMT, B.S.

Chronic stiffness and pain has disabled many people and prevented them from doing the things they love. I got into this business because I suffered from low back stiffness and pain. I tried everything and nothing was more than a short-term fix until I discovered what I call, "Stretch n' Release Technique." I have studied for years with the masters of muscles to learn how we work and why we hurt. Today, 18 years later, I do not suffer from back pain or any stiffness at all.

Public Speaker and author

Licensed Massage Therapist
Certified Active Isolated Stretching Therapist
B.S.- Aging Sciences